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Top 10 Customer Experience Solution Companies - 2019

“Customer is King”

For long, businesses, regardless of the industry, have abided by this age-old mantra as the only sustainable way of growing a business. Customers’ demand for a seamless experience with a brand is currently touching a new high every passing day. Evidently, customer experience (CX) has become one of the major factors for a business’s success these days. When it comes to delivering enhanced CX, the sluggish pace of the banking industry has started to gain momentum. Today, with the growing number of CX-specialized online payments systems that provide the customers with better banking experience, traditional banks across the globe have started focusing on CX to gain their customer’s trust back. To enable the banks in achieving their goal of CX transformation, several technology vendors are ushering new developments, solutions and services with a focus on connecting with customers through various digital touchpoints.

The top CX solution providers are assisting the banks in building integrated management tools that can help them to reach out to more customers, provide them with seamless banking experience, and also build future banking concepts. These solution providers help the banks align their services according to the clients’ unique needs. A part of this solution delivery involves training and educating the bank employees on the new technology and instilling a customer-first mindset. From providing self-service kiosks at the banks to building digital signage solutions (DSN), these solution providers are striving to make banking experience smooth and highly personalized.

While adoption of customer-centric design in enterprise offerings is no more an option but a necessity, banks are more focused on simplifying the onboarding process and attaining an open banking structure. In an effort to know, understand and meet the needs of customers, we see the banks getting more conversational. The trends of omnichannel banking, video chat support, live engagement platforms are also expected to rise steadily as the banking sector keeps enhancing their CX transformation. AI-driven automation is also playing a huge role in this transformation. The CX solution providers are helping the banks in developing AI-enabled chatbots and integrated customer support platforms for delivering a more immersive and engaging experience to customers. These CX solution providers are helping the banks to grow not only as a transactional service provider but as an end-to-end support system for the customers in their banking and finance-related queries.

CX data makes it easy for the banks to conduct research on consumer behavior and develop customer experience by anticipating their needs. It also gives them a wide range of insight into the prospect of their competitive market. The CX solution providers are paving the way in building a futuristic banking ecosystem. Since the banking technology market is brimming with promising solution providers, it is no easy feat to choose the right one. To aid organizations on this mission, the editorial team at Banking CIO Outlook, in conjunction with an illustrious panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, has put together a list of the ten most promising customer experience solution providers in the industry. The list intends to help the banks find a trustworthy ally.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Customer Experience Solution Providers 2019”.

    Top Customer Experience Solution Companies

  • 360 View delivers a growth platform for financial institutions that offers various tools for a comprehensive and consistent customer experience throughout the organization. Based on the unique needs of the clients, the platform enables banks and credits unions to use their data efficiently, allowing them to improve productivity and boost growth. Along with the customer relationship management (CRM) solution, the platform also encompasses marketing automation, profitability, analytics, pop-up technology, and goals and incentives automation. The platform also offers extensive insights into relationships and profitability, which allow financial institutions to strengthen their relationship with their existing customers as well as make new ones

  • Juntos has built a chatbot that offers warm, two-way, automated conversations that aid banks to forge trusting, longstanding relationships with their customers. Backed by an extensive content library, the chatbot proactively engages customers through any mobile messaging channel. It provides customers with guidance, tips, and key account information on their mobile devices that keeps them motivated to use the bank account. Juntos regularly generates response rates north of 10 percent, which is largely unheard of from traditional marketing campaigns. All in all, Juntos is the glue that holds together the bank-customer relationships in the digital age

  • PrintMail Solutions is the industry leader in print and electronic statement delivery providing services to over 300 financial institutions nationwide. Focusing on the needs of banks and credit unions, PrimtMail Solutions offers statement processing, integrated eStatements, customer statements redesign, mail marketing, digital marketing, compliance communications, and tax form processing services. The company has the ability and experience to interface with virtually every core platform and imaging software, and are SOC 2 Type II audited. The company's new RYSE (Reinventing Your Service Experience) platform is the result of its industry leadership as the outsourcing choice for financial institutions

  • At Qualtrics, the mission is to close the experience gap. Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) is the only software platform that helps brands continually assess the quality of their four core experiences—customers, employees, products, and brands. With the company’s Qualtrics XM, organizations can be at every meaningful touchpoint, for every experience, and predict which changes will resonate most with stakeholders. Qualtrics CustomerXM is used by the world’s most iconic brands to optimise the customer experience and predict the actions that will have the biggest impact on their bottom line

  • Active.Ai


    ACTIVE.Ai is a Fintech startup which delivers artificial intelligence-enabled conversational banking services. Based in Singapore, the company assists its clients from banking, insurance and capital markets in creating better customer experience through applications like intelligent virtual assistants. With technologies like advanced NLP and machine learning, ACTIVE.Ai enables organizations to serve customers through several channels like messaging, voice and IoT devices. The company’s products include Morfeus, the Conversational Middleware and Triniti, the Conversational AI Engine designed exclusively for companies in the financial sector. By making customer conversations better, it adds value to the client companies

  • Backbase


    Backbase is a company that provides platforms for digital banking experiences. It enables financial firms to transform into digital enterprises by using their solutions. The four segments of industry which it serves are retail banking, corporate banking, small and medium enterprises banking and wealth management. In each of the segments, Backbase enhances many capabilities of its clients to boost engagement with customers and form valuable, longer-lasting relationships. User Experience Management solution entitles clients to various features that improve navigation, personal and safe interactions and much more on a range of channels

  • Blend


    Blend, a company with a mission to enhance the lending experience for customers, has been forming partnerships with banks and lenders and delivering innovative solutions. The process of taking a loan often seems complicated. Blend infuses simplicity and transparency into lending through its platform, which supports convenient, omni-channel customer engagement. With a conversational interface and embedded services, the company eliminates manual processes and helps companies build a loyal customer base. Safety and security is a significant focus, and hence, the company helps its clients create a financial journey in which trust is present

  • CloudCherry


    CloudCherry specializes in customer experience solutions. The company serves clients from many industries, which include credit unions, banks and financial service providers. Customer experience management from CloudCherry is innovative and technologically advanced. The features that the company provides are powerful and sophisticated at the same time. Customer journey maps, predictive analytics, intuitive dashboards, actionable insights, text analytics and question builder, are some of the most impressive features present on the company’s platform. CloudCherry’s API integrations are of the best quality and can be applied across multiple touchpoints

  • CSG


    CSG is one of the leading companies that provide exceptional customer experience solutions in addition to other solutions like revenue management, digital monetization, and managed services. Good customer experience can be created with a personalized approach and CSG helps its clients improve customer communications through its unique solutions that blend traditional with digital. Comprehensive coverage of all customer channels and a series of well-designed applications like interactive messaging managed print services, field service management and convenient online self-service portals help create an engaging and valuable experience in the consumer journey

  • Extractable


    Extractable is a company assisting enterprises in the financial sector to develop great customer experiences. The new-age customer demands high-quality digital experience in addition to valuable products. Extractable believes that customer is central to every company, and customer-centric strategies are essential, and hence, it helps its clients in designing and optimizing the customer experience. The company’s solutions are based on research through direct contact with the consumers and the creation of customer personas. Using a comprehensive approach and early prototyping, Extractable brings together user experience, visual design and intuitive technologies while continually maintaining high standards