Top Customer Experience Consulting/Services Companies
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Top 10 Customer Experience Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

According to research by Seagate, two-thirds of global CEOs will start focusing on digital strategies to improve customer experience by the end of 2019. While customer experience (CX) has emerged as a powerful way to stand ahead of the competition, companies are embracing technology-driven innovations with artificial intelligence, smartphones, and digital communication for delivering great CX.

Organizations are increasingly turning to consultative managed services partners who can navigate the choppy waters of their CX transformation, including their migration to enterprise-grade hybrid environments. A managed service plays an imperative role to drive prospecting, acquisition, retention, and growth in customer value. While a significant number of organizations surveyed in 2019 have increased their investment in CX technology, for the banking sector, it is a rather recent phenomenon.

CX data helps businesses to research effectively on consumer behavior and develop enriched customer experience by anticipating their needs early. With the advent of technologies like AI, machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and IoT, the online banking service providers who are skilled at delivering CX, have exceeded the offerings of the traditional banks. Omnichannel service, one of the current trends in CX transformation, is being implemented by the top CX service providers in the banking sector. Omnichannel services help banks to remain consistent across all its touchpoints, which provides the customers enriched banking experience.

Customer centricity comes in different forms, be it deployment of new technology or acting on feedback for building strong relationships. AI-powered chatbots working as a virtual personal banker and financial advisor for the customers are taking engagement levels to a new high. Banks are going digital with apps that are turning personal smartphones into wallets. This CX transformation in the banking sector is rendering a better experience to the customers as now they can transact online from their own banks’ online platforms and avoid using the other online money transfer platforms. The CX service providers are also helping the banks to establish smart branches. With the help of data analytics, CX services providers are bringing on the most significant change in the banking sector.

Increased competition in the financial sector, growing customer expectation, and automation are the three primary reasons for the growing demand of the CX service providers in the banking sector. The top CX service providers are modernizing themselves more to keep bringing the right combination of people, processes, and technology for the banking sector to help them earn back customer loyalty and cater to the customers’ rising demand for a smart banking experience.

 There are a growing number of CX service providers in the market. To help banking organizations choose the right customer experience service providers, the editorial team at Banking CIO Outlook, in conjunction with an illustrious panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, has put together a list of the ten most promising customer experience consulting/services companies in the industry. The list intends to help the banks find a trustworthy ally.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Customer Experience Consulting/Services Companies 2019”.

    Top Customer Experience Consulting/Services Companies

  • McorpCX is a leading customer experience services company delivering consulting and technology solutions to customer-centric organizations since 2002. Mcorp’s practical approach has led to measurable growth, deeper engagement, and better business outcomes for fast-growth market leaders and the Fortune 100. Everyone in the company is focused on helping its clients and their companies deliver great customer experiences, and drive measurable value in the process. In a (fairly large) nutshell, this is what the company does

  • MPX


    MPX is a company that understands the value of ties with customers and offers tools and intelligence to help its clients fare better in customer experience. With an extensive range of services, MPX enables banks, and other financial institutions to achieve meaningful relationships and loyal customers. Facilities that make these online conversations satisfactory are desirable. Competent resolution of customer queries, customer-friendly documents, account-level marketing, efficient integration of documents and solutions for regulatory compliance are the significant benefits that clients can find with MPX. The company’s services are cost-effective, agile and highly efficient

  • Over the last 20 years, we have become the customer experience (CX) management experts at leading and guiding transformations of banks and credit unions beyond the transactional level. We not only provide innovative solutions that capture authentic voice-of-the-customer and voice-of-the-employee feedback, we provide the insight, training and support necessary to act upon that feedback for comprehensive, long-lasting results

  • Ath Power Consulting

    Ath Power Consulting

    A leading company with a wide range of customer experience solutions, ath Power is trusted by many. With clients in the financial and banking as well as the government sector, the company has a great reputation. It has expertise in multi-modality surveys. Additionally, its services also provide mystery shop research, competitive intelligence, compliance auditing, market analyses, employee training and strategic consultation. The company’s customer experience services help its client manage and engage with the customer better, which subsequently impacts business outcomes. Meaningful ties with customers and brand loyalty are things that come with ath Power’s services

  • Macquarium


    With an experience of nearly twenty-two years, Macquarium helps organizations build great customer experiences in a digitalized ecosystem. Customer experience is valuable for every business and Macquarium creates a smooth journey towards better experiences through customer insights that help businesses to have an understanding about who they serve. With a focus on designing a good experience, the company orchestrates innovative solutions backed by technology. The services support multiple channels, enable prototyping and testing and deployment of the right tools. Its digital marketing tools help boosts engagement and creates better bonds between brands and customers

  • Moonraft Innovation Labs

    Moonraft Innovation Labs

    Moonraft is a company with services in design and innovation as well as customer experience management. With technological solutions that are humanistic in nature, Moonraft makes customer insight the basis of its customer experience management capabilities and provides business understanding through advanced technologies. With a high focus on experimentation and innovation, the company’s services involve digital marketing optimization with an emphasis on experience analytics, campaign and content orchestration, and social media management. Martech Refresh services by Moonraft simplify the process of applying technology in many aspects, including customer data management

  • NearShore Technology

    NearShore Technology

    NearShore Technology specializes in providing IT services. The company is driven by a group of passionate leaders with a mission to serve various industries with its efficient technology-based solutions. Many leading fintechs are clients of the company and leverage its innovative tools to increase core competencies and customer experiences. Building deep and meaningful relationships are integral for business providers. With NearShore’s world-class expertise, clients can analyze key performance indicators and achieve customer satisfaction goals. The companies software solutions improve visibility and help make fact-based decisions while being extremely cost-effective

  • Oopgo


    Oopgo’s is a leading company with a focus on intelligent solutions and services in a range of areas concerning digital marketing. It has numerous clients from several industries which leverage Oopgo’s services for better operations and better returns. The company’s tools are instrumental in enhancing customer services and customer experiences. With capabilities that give deep insights into customer behavior, Oopgo enables clients to design the satisfactory products, services and experiences and create opportunities for cross-selling, thereby increasing customer retention and onboarding. Its tools also enable quick resolution of issues from customers through proactive customer support

  • Phase 2

    Phase 2

    Phase2, a leading customer experience service providers, counts clients from many industries, including the financial industry. The company helps financial firms orchestrate a customer journey that is engaging and satisfactory. With expertise in innovative technological applications, the company creates a hassle-free experience for its clients and aids in the design and development of a personalized customer journey. The services provided by Phase2 are impactful and have cross-channel coverage. The capabilities that enable Phase2 to deliver include customer research, assessment of technology, personalization of websites, customer journey mapping and analysis

  • VoxxUp


    Voice is becoming a powerful medium and Voxxup is a company that provides services which empower organizations to engage with customers and prospective customers by means of voice. With voice-based technologies gaining traction, it is essential that businesses leverage this to their benefit. With Voxxup’s innovative services, clients can connect to users through voice channels and engage with them better. The offerings on the company’s catalog consist of podcasters, accelerators, and voice site. Podcasts are an excellent option for enhancing reach. Voxxup also enables the creation of voice assistants for online stores