Juntos: Chatbot with a Human Touch

Katie Macc, Co-Founder, President & Chief Commercial Officer, JuntosKatie Macc, Co-Founder, President & Chief Commercial Officer
Relationships between banks and their customers used to grow organically in the branch. In-person conversations built trust, loyalty, and presented natural cross-sell opportunities. Then everything changed.

Today, the average person rarely visits their branch. Customers can easily execute basic transactions from their mobile devices, but they know nobody at their bank. They only hear from the bank if it is trying to sell them a product they probably don’t need. If they have a question, they are pushed to an FAQ bot that tries its best to keep them away from a real human employee. Perhaps most critically, they don’t know what they don’t know - customers remain unaware of valuable account features and products that actually fit their financial needs.

Most banks miscalculated: they valued convenience and cost savings over everything else. They used digitization to push customers away, rather than drawing them in more closely. This disservice stunts the growth potential of their mass market relationships, leaving unrealized lifetime value on the table. It also leaves them vulnerable to their customers bolting for a better promotional offer somewhere else.

Katie Macc, Co-founder, President and Chief Commercial Officer at Juntos Global, acknowledges the current lackluster digital experience. “Customers are mired in endless loops or simply hit dead-ends during interactions with most chatbots available in the market today,” says Katie. “Digitization has the potential to strengthen customer relationships, but it's largely being used today to weaken them.”

Disrupting the status quo, Juntos has built a chatbot that offers warm, two-way, automated conversations that aid banks to forge trusting, longstanding relationships with their customers.

Juntos offers an automated conversation platform that democratizes high touch experiences of yesteryear at the low cost of digital

Backed by an extensive content library, the chatbot proactively engages customers through any mobile messaging channel. It provides customers with guidance, tips, and key account information on their mobile devices that keeps them motivated to use the bank account. “Message fatigue is a critical consideration in most marketing campaigns. In contrast, we’ve found that with well designed conversations engagement increases over time instead of decreasing,” informs Katie. “Juntos brings the warmth of a relationship manager to the scale of millions.”

The approach works. Juntos regularly generates response rates north of 10 percent, which is largely unheard of from traditional marketing campaigns. In one partnership with a Fintech in Southeast Asia, Juntos increased loan uptake by 400 percent. In another, a large bank in Latin America used Juntos to increase balances by 20 percent.

Juntos’ secret sauce is in its well-defined purpose and a unique implementation. It proactively launches customers on carefully-crafted journeys, and integrates humans into the automated customer engagement operations in order to optimize the customer experience. “We prefer human involvement in the process to 100% automation which often leads to dissatisfied customers,” explains Katie. Juntos’ chatbot solution can be directly integrated into a bank’s CRM or call center systems, granting the bank the operational intelligence to defragment the customer relationships and communications.

The excitement for Juntos among banks in this moment is due in part to the current market atmosphere. With existing chatbots performing poorly, Juntos is swimming against the tide with its unique chatbot solution. As financial institutions continue to invest resources in bots, Juntos offers an automated conversation platform that democratizes high touch experiences of yesteryear at the low cost of digital. Having empowered financial institutions with its superior solution across 4 continents and 15 countries, Juntos is looking to begin its operations in the US. All in all, Juntos is the glue that holds together the bank-customer relationships in the digital age.